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CSP Services GmbH, Concentrating Solar Power Services, is a spin-off company of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Cologne, Germany, with know-how licensed from DLR. CSPS offers engineering and consulting services for developers, operators and owners of solar thermal power plants applying innovative and specific measurement techniques to assure high performance solar fields.

Besides the know-how in standard measurement technologies, special techniques such as close range photogrammetry and deflectometry together with specially developed evaluation and assessment tools serve the clients for prototype evaluation, quality assurance, inspection and performance improvement of solar fields in concentrating solar power plants (i.e. parabolic troughs, heliostats, Fresnel systems, dishes). CSPS supports its clients to decrease risks, increase project performance, and gain competitiveness in the growing concentrating solar power market sector.

Our range of products and services includes the geometric quality assurance systems QFoto (3D point measurements of large structures in series production) and QDec (high-resolution shape measurements of reflective surfaces in series production) for application in solar power plants. For solar irradiation resource assessment we supply the weather stations MDI (for DNI measurement at remote sites) and MHP (for high-precision DNI measurement and solar power plant monitoring). With our mobile solar field measurement services we assess the quality of all kinds of solar concentrators, and our consulting services cover specific topics such as technical reviews, due diligence and operation monitoring. We also produce and offer robust and economic photogrammetry accessory equipment. Selected standard components are listed in our online catalog.


January 2016
CPM 2016 in Beijing, China. We are represented as sponsor at the China CSP Demonstration Projects Development and Industry Cooperation Summit

October 2015
SolarPACES 2015 conference in Cape Town, South Africa. We are represented as a Bronze Sponsor at the leading international symposium on Concentrating Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems

August 2015
NamPower assigns CSP Services to supply automatic weather stations and services for a CSP road map and the establishment of commercial CSP plants in Namibia

May 2015
CSP Services commissions first QFoto-R Tandem System for assembly quality control of 127 m² large parabolic trough collector structures

October 2014
CSP Services provides automatic weather stations for a World Bank project to investigate Pakistan’s potential for the exploitation of solar energy

September 2014
CSP Services’ innovative work on Rotating Shadowband Irradiometers (RSIs) for measurement of direct solar irradiance has been awarded with the SolarPACES Technology Innovation Award 2014 for Norbert Geuder and Stefan Wilbert. The RSI’s outstanding technical features are a success of our collaboration with DLR and include a sophisticated calibration procedure, an innovative twin sensor head and an optional measurement of sunshape patented by DLR

April 2014
High precision photogrammetry equipment powered by CSP Services - now available in our new online catalog.

July 2013
CSP Services installs the first QFoto-R System for assembly quality control of 140 m² large heliostat metal structures.

May 2012
CSPS is nominated for the German Founders Award 2012 (Deutscher Gründerpreis) in the category “Aufsteiger”

September 2009
The founders together with other team members of DLR receive the Solarpaces 2009 Technology Innovation Award and the GvF DLR Innovation Award 2009