Our Philosophy

Quality – Expertise – Knowledge – Application - Service

CSP Services – Concentrating Solar Power Services is our name and our program. Based on deep scientific background, we have developed tools and methods to analyze, qualify, test, and improve components and systems for CSP technology. The experience has proven to be applicable also in the preparation, evaluation and operation phases of concentrating solar technology. We take our results from science into application and make them available for the users to control quality and improve performance.

Sustainability – Responsibility – Social Commitment

The worldwide growing energy demand, the shortage of fossil fuels and their emissions with their known consequences on global climate change are problems that mankind needs to solve urgently. We are committed in the field of solar energy, and particularly in CSP technology, because we believe that this technology has the potential to solve part of this problem and we want to contribute our share to a sustainable energy supply for mankind based on renewable energy sources.

From our point of view, the way to get there should also be sustainable. Therefore we buy our electricity from renewable energy sources, use energy efficient office equipment, low consumption vehicles, avoid and separate our waste and compensate the CO2-emissions of our unavoidable air travels by supporting the projects of Atmosfair (Certificate, Homepage).

Part of our yearly benefit is donated to social aid organizations such as “Brot für die Welt” and Indienhilfe e.V., Herrsching.