Solar Resource Assessment and Plant Monitoring MHP

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Automatic weather stations specialized for DNI measurement (direct normal beam irradiance) are used for site analysis before and during project development as well as during operation of a solar power plant. For these different applications, and depending on the available maintenance and data transmission technology, different systems are available from CSP Services. They are adapted specifically according to client requirements with appropriate type of DNI sensor, solution of solar or grid power supply and connections for data transmission.

Irradiation Measurement

  • MHP station with Pyrheliometer on tracker, sun sensor, two pyranometers with shading ball assembly

Optional Additional Sensors

  • ambient air temperature
  • relative humidity
  • barometric pressure
  • wind speed and direction
  • precipitation
  • visibility
  • soiling detection, etc.

Power Supplies

  • PV panel with solar battery
  • Grid connection with UPS

Data Transmission

  • Cell phone modem
  • Direct connection to plant control system

All our meteorological stations are prepared to provide highest measurement accuracy and maximum reliability. This is possible with the combination of high quality instrumentation and our operation and monitoring concept with daily data reception and continuous supervision of the sensors.

Our services

  • Design and configuration of meteorological equipment according to client requirements
  • Installation and commissioning of the equipment on site
  • Daily data monitoring including data retrieval, check of correct equipment operability and data quality
  • Regular inspection visits on site, assistance in local maintenance
  • Data analysis and data treatment for enhanced accuracy, sensor soiling correction
  • Graphically illustrated summary reports on daily, monthly and annual basis
  • Full service for site-specific solar resource assessments, including evaluation of satellite data
  • Due diligence reports and expertise

  Solar Resource Assessment MHP Plant monitoring MHP
Application and purpose high precision solar resource assessment (at sites with frequent cleaning possibility) solar resource monitoring at power plants (operation under local professional surveillance)
DNI uncertainty 1 – 2 % (under typical field conditions with frequent cleaning)
Required maintenance daily cleaning required
Power supply PV panels with buffer batteries or grid connection grid connection

Example Pictures

meteo mhp
MHP Measurement Unit
Self-sustaining MHP Station
powered by photovoltaic panels